Please note that an appointment time is only valid AFTER we have contacted you to verify date and time of ALL visits which ALSO INCLUDES any visits for RETURNS. Saddles taken out on loan require a $250 deposit as well as a $50 consult fee.

Fitting Appointments

There are two ways to make your fitting appointment with Carmen:

1. Call Carmen at the store and speak with him about your saddle and boot fitting needs.
Carmen will then set up an appointment with you,
which you can confirm by email or by phoning us here at the store.

2. Book an appointment

We will confirm your appointment by email using the email address
you provided when you registered.

*In either case, Carmen will ask first-time saddle clients to bring these items to help the process along:
1. A recent picture of your horse's topline
2. if possible a video of the rider mounted on the horse during a ride.*

3. All saddle trials will require a $50.00 service fee (refundable only upon the purchase of a saddle).
Also, your initial $250 warranty deposit is refunded when all items have been returned to the store.
Please note again, that Carmen is the only person able to do any refunds.

Equipment Loans

Saddles by Baker has a large selection of new and used saddles available for trial loan.

Search our website. If you see something you think might work for you and your horse,
send us a message or call to check availability and to make an appointment.

When you borrow a saddle from Saddles by Baker,
you can be sure of its quality and safety. Every saddle that comes into
the store is thoroughly inspected by our experienced shop staff.
You can even take multiple saddles to try on your horse.

We do ask you to be considerate of the time period
that you have these saddles on loan.

Consignment Sales

Changed horses?
New barn?
Want to try dressage?

Maybe that old saddle just isn't the right fit for you anymore.
Saddles by Baker can help you to find your prior seat a good home.

Saddles by Baker consignment sales are the easiest and most
efficient way to help you find your saddle a new home.

We inspect and inventory your saddle and make it available for
sale on our website and through our store.
Email or call us for details.

Carmen will require these saddle details:
Description: age, colour, style, size.

When we receive your information and your saddle we will
immediately make space for your item in our store,
on our website, and in our newsletter classifieds.

We do ask that you keep the saddle with us for 3 months and
if you are advertising the saddle on the internet we
ask that you direct clients to the store.

If you wish to take back your saddle before the 3-month time frame
then Bakers will ask for a $50 fee to cover our expenses.